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How to know whether Passed or not passed in I.G.N.O.U TEE?

After providing the URL for the TEE Dec 2010 results cum grade card, we have received many queries to know whether the candidate has passed or not passed in a particular course code.

Many of the candidates are not able to understand this issue in spite of getting their grade cards.

Look at the example given below:

Course CodeAsgn1Asgn2Asgn3Asgn4Term End TheoryTerm End PracticalStatus
MS04***-C-Not Completed

Here, in Status column, we can see that in front of MS 04, there is an asterisk (*) mentioned under "Asgn" column and the overall result for MS 04 is declared as - Not Completed.

In such case, the candidate needs to collect the exact grades from his/her study center. As the results reflected using an asterisk shows that the updates are not available and the same needs some time. So, it's better to get it confirmed from your study center.

We hope that now the candidates can overcome this issue easily.

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Krishna Kishore said...

I need solved previous question paper, particularly case study with answer

Anthony said...

1 question.?

I got Grade "D" in Theory and "C" in Assignment .
and staus as not completed.does it mean that i have to re-write the assignment only or both.


vadi said...

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Anonymous said...

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hiti mehra said...

I'm not able to understand what not completed means does ignou go with overall marks or with subject wise marks to make a person pass or fail

Pinkki Manohar said...

@ Hiti..Dear Hiti, not completed in a subject means the candidate is failed in that particular subject. By looking at the Grades, it can be understood if the candidate is failed in theory or in assignment. To be successful in a semester, its required to get pass in all the subjects taken in a particular semester. Hope you query has been resolved now.

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Pinkki Manohar

nidhi jain said...

my marks in particular subject is not displayed but my friends get the marks what i should do ?